Industry solutions


Our technologies can be used for the finishing, coating and colouring of fabrics. From applying functional surface treatments using Novara through to dyeing of fabrics using Endeavour, our breakthrough technologies are transforming the textile industry.

Key features

  • Wide range of textile chemistries: liquid dyes, finishes and powders
  • Low environmental impact: less water and energy
  • Digital: on-the-fly changovers
  • Dramatic cost reduction vs conventional technologies
  • Endeavour: Waterless Smart Dyeing
  • Novara: Precision Digital Coating
  • Triton: Digital Powder Patterning


  • Pre and post-treatments
  • Colouring of fabrics
  • Selective patterning of adhesives
  • Special decorative effects
  • 3D powder printing
  • Functional treatments – antimicrobial, hydrophobic
  • Smart textiles – embedded electronics, sensors

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Alchemie is reinventing manufacturing by applying the principles of digital inkjet printing to the deposition of industrial materials.

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