Our technology

Enabling clean-tech digital textile manufacturing

Enabling sustainability
Our technologies reduce energy, wastewater and chemical usage
Reducing cost
Delivering materials only where they are needed lowers cost with less energy and less waste
Delivering digital
Precision digital liquid application technologies utilising a unique high energy nanodroplet jetting process

Precision digital liquid application

Alchemie's proprietary digital liquid application technology delivers fluid nanodroplets deep into textile fabrics.

A combination of high fluid droplet velocity and precisely controlled airflow enables full penetration of fluid droplets into dense fibre structures.

Liquid application is precisely controlled, achieving dose accuracy < +-1% within the three-dimensional fabric structure.

Activated dye penetration

The Endeavour dyeing process utilises thermal and infra-red energy to activate dye penetration and drive chemical fixation processes.

The unique combination of highly dispersed colourants and targeted energy application, helps drive fixation processes to completion.

Energy accelerates dye diffusion and reaction, enabling high ultimate colour fastness to be achieved.  

One-step fabric coloration

The Endeavour process delivers ultimate colourfastness in one step, which eliminates the need for downstream washing.

A digitally controlled end-to-process combining precision digital fluid application and activated dye penetration.

The Endeavour digital dyeing process achieves excellent colour consistency, colour fastness and fabric handle.  

Digital finish application

Our Novara digital finishing technology utilises a nozzle array to deliver 2D patterning with millimetre resolution.

Finishing chemistries penetrate deeply into the fabric due to the combination of high liquid jetting velocity and precisely controlled airflow.

Textile finishes are applied only where needed based on a digitally defined pattern, reducing chemistry usage and enabling multi-functionality.

Novara R&D System - 48PL

The 48PL coating head is supplied as a system with an integrated recirculating fluid supply to replicate the performance of the Novara industrial system. Designed for application development, the system is scalable to many heads and the fluid supply system can be heated and stirred.

48PL specifications
Throughput Up to 50 mL min-1 per printhead
Fluid viscosity Up to 50 cPoise (other on request)
Fluid temperature up to 50 °C
Print width 121 mm per printhead
Supply tank volume Unlimited
Recirculation rate up to 500 mL min-1 per printhead
Changeover time <20 minutes with cleaning routine
Fluid materials in contact Inert plastic and stainless steel


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