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Unique solutions for digital materials fabrication

Enabling sustainability
Materials are delivered only where needed, reducing waste, energy and environmental impact
Product innovation
Creation of unique and differentiated new product structures based on digital data – from 2D to 2D+ to 3D
Delivering digital
Connecting digital data to physical products enables high productivity supply chains and unique new e-commerce consumer experiences

xPL - digital precision coating applications

The xPL liquid application technology delivers high-throughput digital fluid delivery with a uniquely wide range of industrial fluids.

It is a non-contact technology that delivers the benefits of inkjet printing using industrial coating fluids up to 200 cPoise and containing particles up to 150 microns.

The xPL platform is designed for scaled-up industrial precision coating applications from the 48PL head to arrays of thousands of uniquely addressable nozzles.

1HV - precision coating with high viscosity materials

1HV is designed for precision application of medium-high viscosity fluids.

Fluids that can be used with the technology include paints, functional fluids and foodstuffs (e.g: Honey).

The technology utilises multi-axis robotics to enable 3D part coating.

PowderJet – precision powder coating

PowderJet enables high throughput deposition of patterned powder layers at industrial scale.

The dispenser arrrays are integrated with curing technologies including infra-red heating or fluids application for powder consolidation.

The technology is finding applications ranging from 3D printing to applying textures to fabrics.

We have demonstrated Braille printing as an early application for the technology.

48PL specifications

The 48PL coating head is supplied as a system with an integrated recirculating fluid supply. Designed for industrial applications, the system is scalable to many heads and the fluid supply system can be heated and stirred. The system is designed to be compliant for use in regulated industries such as food and healthcare.

48PL specifications
Throughput up to 50 mL/min per head (121mm wide)
Fluid viscosity up to 200 cPoise
Fluid temperature up to 80 °C
Print width 121 mm per printhead
Supply tank volume 100 mL – 2.5 L
Recirculation rate up to 500 mL min-1 per printhead
Changeover time <5 minutes
Construction material Stainless steel


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