Breakthrough Lab System

Replicate digital dyeing production
Assess Alchemie's Endeavour clean-tech production digital dyeing technology.
Hands-on understanding of digital dyeing
Increase your knowledge about Alchemie’s breakthrough proprietary digital liquid application technology.
Eliminate traditional lab-dip processes
A5 swatch replicating properties of Endeavour.
Hassle-free dye recipe-to-production
Discovery can generate & export dye recipes enabling fast colour -matching.

Alchemie’s Discovery - Lab System Replicating Digital Dyeing Technology

Accuracy and Precision

Discovery is equipped with key features such as Alchemie’s state-of-the-art digital non-contact jet dye applicator with Jetronica nozzles.

  • Precise 10-micron droplet control
  • Easy colour change and formulation development
  • Pin frame sample holder
  • Controllable penetration


The versatility of our digital liquid application technology allows us to meet industry performance requirements using a wide range of commercially available colourants.

All fabrics are structurally and chemically different. Discovery can dye any fabric - with a wide range of colourants.

Replicate Data Acquisition and Recipe Export

The integrated Alchemie software allows seamless data transfer to Endeavour

  • Simple process to colour match samples
  • Build a colour recipe library quickly and safely

Product Specifications

Discovery Technical Specification
Negative pressure airflow control Yes
Finished sample size 15cm x 21cm (A5)
Recipe storage Yes
Line speed 15m/min
Dye supply Manual injection
Jetting Automated
Changeover Manual
Machine dimensions 1550mm (L) x 640mm (W) x 1430mm (H)
Touchscreen dimensions 386mm (L) x 238mm (W) × 41mm (H)
Machine control Software controlled
Power requirements Single phase, 220-230V, 16A, 50/60 Hz
Compressed air supply 2 bar, 10mm O.D. barb fitting

Discovery resources

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