Industry solutions

Decorative and Architectural

Our technologies can be used for applying coatings and surface treatments across a range of metal, glass or ceramic substrates.

Key features

  • 2D patterned industrial coatings
  • 2D or 3D part coating
  • High uniformity of coatings with adjustable film thickness
  • Deposition of functional coatings, surface treatments or decorative effects
  • Available in wide array, scanning and 3D multi-axis configurations


  • Corrosion protection
  • Anti-slip surfaces
  • Precision paint application
  • Antimicrobial hydrophobic surface treatments
  • Surface textures for functionality and decoration

Discover how Alchemie can transform your manufacturing processes

Alchemie is reinventing manufacturing by applying the principles of digital inkjet printing to the deposition of industrial materials.

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