Waterless Smart Dyeing

85% energy savings
Dramatic energy savings reduce cost and carbon footprint of textile dyeing
Eliminate wastewater
High colour fastness without washing, enabling dyeing in water-poor regions and elimination of environmental water pollution
High throughput
Endeavour is a high throughput process one machine replaces around five traditional jet dye baths.
50% cost reduction
Endeavour can halve the cost of textile dyeing, delivering a new era of profitability to the textile colouration industry

Alchemie Endeavour™ - Waterless Smart Dyeing

Alchemie Endeavour™ - Technology for Good

Delivering a low carbon future

Textile dyeing and finishing is responsible for approximately 3% of global CO2 emissions (Quantis Report 2019)

The EndeavourTM dyeing process reduced the carbon footprint of dyeing by over 85%.

Good for the planet and significantly reduces the cost of dyeing.

Eliminating wastewater emissions

Textile dyeing and finishing is responsible for over 20% of global water pollution (World Bank Report)

The EndeavourTM process eliminates wastewater from textile dyeing.

Dyeing operations can now be co-located with garment production and located in water-poor regions.

More profitable production

The EndeavourTM process reduces operational costs by over 50%.

Radically more flexible production delivers significant supply-chain savings.

The typical capital payback time for EndeavourTM production lines is 12 months.

Product specifications

Exceptional quality levels can be achieved, delivering excellent colour consistency (ΔE < 0.5) and colour fastness. The technology is capable of precision colour matching and shade control and can be used with a wide range of fabrics and dye chemistry.

Endeavour HF specifications
Throughput (15 m/min) >1500 m2/hr
Maximum web width 1.8 m
Substrate basis weight 50 - 500 gsm
Substrate types Polyester, cotton, polycotton, nylon
Changeover time <15 minutes
Dimensions 12.6 m x 6.3 m x 3.5 m
Power requirements 415V 3 phase 50/60 Hz electrical supply

Endeavour resources

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Find out how Endeavour Waterless Smart Dyeing is transforming the textile industry

Endeavour is a breakthrough digital manufacturing process for textile dyeing. It delivers dramatic water and energy savings and enables you to deliver on-demand digital dyeing.

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