Waterless digital on-demand textile dyeing process

85% energy savings
Dramatic energy savings reduce cost and carbon footprint of textile dyeing
Eliminate wastewater
High colour fastness without washing, enabling dyeing in water-poor regions and eliminates environmental water pollution
High throughput
Endeavour is a high throughput process (25 m/min), one machine replaces around five traditional dye-baths
50% cost reduction
Endeavour can halve the cost of textile dyeing, delivering a new era of profitability to the textile colouration industry

Alchemie Endeavour - Waterless Smart Dyeing: Technology

Reduce carbon footprint by 85%

Endeavour delivers a dramatic reduction in energy consumption and carbon footprint of textile dyeing.

Enabling substantial energy savings, the process reduces environmental impact and addresses the most energy intensive step in textile production. 

Eliminate contaminated wastewater

Endeavour delivers high colour fastness in a single step, eliminating wash processes and wastewater from textile dyeing.

The elimination of wastewater enables textile dyeing to be delivered in locations without on-site water treatment facilities.

Endeavour is also suitable for operation in water-poor regions.

Reduce cost by over 50%

Endeavour eliminates wastewater and dramatically reduces energy consumption.

It delivers substantial materials and productivity savings vs traditional bath dyeing.

Endeavour transforms the economics of textile dyeing to deliver profitable production operations worldwide.

Product specifications

Exceptional quality levels can be achieved, delivering excellent colour consistency (ΔE < 0.5) and colour fastness. The technology is capable of precision colour matching and shade control and can be used with a wide range of fabrics and dye chemistry.

Endeavour specifications
Throughput 25 meters per minute
Maximum web width Up to 1.8 m
Substrate basis weight 100 - 800 gsm
Substrate types Woven, knits, non-woven, microfibre
Substrate Polyester
Changeover time <15 minutes

Find out how Endeavour Waterless Smart Dyeing is transforming the textile industry

Endeavour is a breakthrough digital manufacturing process for textile dyeing. It delivers dramatic water and energy savings and enables you to deliver on-demand digital dyeing.

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