Industry solutions

Paper and packaging

Our technologies are suitable for application in high speed, high reliability roll-to-roll industrial processes used in packaging and paper industries.

Key features

  • Selective patterning of liquid and powder coatings
  • Minimal wastage as materials applied only where needed
  • Ability to dispense wide variety of difficult chemistries (UV, aqueous, solvent)
  • Coating and layer thickness can be optimised to minimise dry/cure times
  • Configurations to suit wide and narrow web single pass or scanning applications


  • Patterned application of pre-treatments for digital printing
  • Patterned application of varnish
  • Precision application of lotions, fragrances, softeners and other functional chemistries
  • Decorative powders (metallics, glitters)
  • Printing of tactile features

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Alchemie is reinventing manufacturing by applying the principles of digital inkjet printing to the deposition of industrial materials.

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