Digital Textile Finishing

Precision coating
Delivering coating only where it's needed, Novara gives you complete digital control of finish location
Cost reduction
Novara digital finishing solutions can reduce cost by over 30% compared to pad application.
Delivering sustainability
Novara reduces chemistry (-30%) and energy consumption (-85%) to deliver a significant improvement in sustainability.
Product innovation
Delivering a wide range of finish chemistries, from water repellent to antiviral and beyond to deliver advanced new functionality combinations

Delivering value from digital

The non-contact Novara finishing applicator delivers 2D patterning and one or two-sided application, all under digital control, enabling significant cost reduction.

In comparison with pad application, Novara has been demonstrated to reduce operating costs by over 30%.

A sustainability breakthrough

Enabling dramatic energy and chemistry savings, Novara delivers a breakthrough in sustainability.

Reduced chemistry and energy consumption also enables processes to run faster, freeing up valuable capacity.

Enabling new product innovation

Flexibility for precision delivery of a wide range of finishes for technical textiles with 2D patterning and sided application.

Novara is suitable for the application of a wide range of finishes including: waterproofing, stain resistant, self-cooling, fire retardant, metallics / visual effects and antiviral.

The technology enables high value finishes to be used cost effectively.

Novara – Precision Digital Finishing

Product specifications

The Novara precision digital coating process is a breakthrough new manufacturing technology platform for on-demand digital finishing of technical textiles. The technology delivers dramatic agility and flexibility advantages, manufacturing cost reductions and product innovation opportunities.

Novara specifications
Throughput Up to 25m/min
Web width 1.8m
Side application Single sided
Liquid flow rate Up to 1.5 litres per minute. (1 millilitre pre nozzle, per minute.)
Single sided finishing Apply finish to a single side of the fabric
Multi-function finishing E.g apply anti-odour one side, and DWR or anti-mosquito finish the other
Substrate basis weight 50 – 500 gsm
Substrates Polyester, Nylon, Cotton, Wool, Blends
Dimensions 2m x 2.5m x 2.5m
Power requirements 415V 3 phase 50/60 Hz electrical supply

Find out how Novara digital precision coating is transforming fabric finishing

The non-contact digital coating applicator can apply one or two sided and coatings with digitally-defined 2D patterning

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