A breakthrough in digital textile coating: advanced 2D patterning capability

Precision coating
Delivering coating only where it's needed, Novara gives you complete digital control of coating location
0.6 – 3.6 m wide
With different sizes available from narrow to wide web, Novara can meet your manufacturing requirements
Functional finishes
Delivering a wide range of coating chemistries, from water repellent to antiviral and beyond to deliver advanced new functionality
Product innovation
Novara can deliver multiple coatings with 2D patterning up to 50 DPI resolution to one or two sides of a fabric

Digital on demand textile finishing

Designed to deliver advanced high value coatings such as anti-viral chemistries.

The non-contact Novara applicator delivers 2D patterning and two-sided application, all under digital control, ideally suited to advanced medical applications.

A sustainability breakthrough

Enabling dramatic energy and materials savings.

Depositing coatings and finishes in the precise location where they are needed delivers significant sustainability benefits and reduces cost.

Enabling new product innovation

Flexibility for precision delivery of a wide range of  coatings for technical textiles.

Novara is suitable for the application of a wide range of coatings including: waterproofing, stain resistant, self-cooling, fire retardant, metallics / visual effects and antiviral.

Product specifications

The Novara precision digital coating process is a breakthrough new manufacturing technology platform for on-demand digital coating of technical textiles. The technology delivers dramatic agility and flexibility advantages, manufacturing cost reductions and product innovation opportunities.

Novara specifications
Throughput ~2 litres per minute at 1.8 m wide (~50 gsm wet add-on)
Coating fluids Up to 200 cPoise
2D pattern resolution 500 microns / ~50 dots per inch
Sided application Single or duplex application
Drying IR inline (optional)
Web width 0.6, 1.8 and 3.6 m
Coatings demonstrated Hydrophobic, antiviral, stain resistant, fire retardant, conductive, anti-microbial, medical device microencapsulated, nanoparticles,
Substrates Polyester, Nylon, Cotton, Wool, Blends
Substrate basis weight 50 – 1000 gsm
Changeover time < 5 mins, automated

Novara resources

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Find out how Novara digital precision coating is transforming fabric finishing

The non-contact digital coating applicator can apply one or two sided and coatings with digitally-defined 2D patterning

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