Industry solutions


Our technologies can be used to apply precision liquid and powder coatings for a wide variety of electronics applications. From single nozzle dispensing application to selective patterning across wide arrays.

Key features

  • Ability to accurately and selectively apply coatings to electronic components
  • Dispensing of advanced materials commonly used in electronics industry
  • High uniformity coatings with tuneable film thickness
  • Non-contact for printing onto sensitive components or surfaces
  • Advanced multi-layer stacks
  • Precise jetting of adhesives
  • Zero materials wastage


  • OLEDs
  • Transparent conductive
  • Spray fluxing
  • Conformal coating for PCBs
  • Fuel cell electrodes
  • Solar cells

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Alchemie is reinventing manufacturing by applying the principles of digital inkjet printing to the deposition of industrial materials.

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