About us

Bridging the gap between the digital world and the physical domain

About us

Alchemie Technology was founded with the vision to deliver clean-tech digital manufacturing solutions for fabrication of materials. 

We are delivering the next generation of digital manufacturing technologies to enable industries to be more flexible, sustainable and able to deliver the requirements of today's digital consumer.

Our digital materials science platform can utilise liquids, solids and powders to build unique new products.

Our industrial solutions deliver products more sustainably, using less energy and materials and with less waste than conventional technologies.

We design manufacturing processes for digital manufacturing and are delivering a paradigm shift in flexibility and productivity.

Our technologies are being adopted by diverse industries ranging from textiles, construction materials and electronics to foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals and medical devices.


Key benefits of Alchemie's technologies:

  • Creation of unique new product structures: digitally controlled three-dimensional placement of liquids, solids and powders

  • Sustainable low carbon footprint manufacturing with radical reductions in energy, waste and cost

  • Digital productivity: full digital control to enable supply-chain agility and end-to-end integration with e-commerce supply chains


Discover how Alchemie can transform your manufacturing processes

Alchemie is reinventing manufacturing by applying the principles of digital inkjet printing to the deposition of industrial materials.

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