About us

A world with zero pollution from textile dyeing and finishing – that’s our mission.

About us

Textile dyeing and finishing processes are some of the most polluting manufacturing processes on the planet and are responsible for over 3% of global CO2 emissions and over 20% of global water pollution.

At current consumption growth rates, textile dyeing could be responsible for 10% of global CO2 emissions by 2050. 

To address this urgent issue we have developed breakthrough digital dyeing and finishing technologies that deliver a dramatic reduction in energy consumption and eliminate contaminated wastewater emissions.

Our mission is to transform the textile industry with clean-tech digital manufacturing solutions that eliminate the environmental impact of these polluting processes.

The key benefits of our digital approach to textile dyeing and finishing are

  • Reduction of energy consumption by > 85%
  • Elimination of waste water emissions
  • Significant cost reductions of > 50%
  • Digital manufacturing agility to address the ~25% materials waste in the supply chain

We are delivering next-generation textile production processes that will be radically more efficient, less costly and more sustainable with our advanced digital manufacturing technologies.

Find out how Endeavour Waterless Smart Dyeing is transforming the textile industry

Endeavour is a breakthrough digital manufacturing process for textile dyeing. It delivers dramatic water and energy savings and enables you to deliver on-demand digital dyeing.

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