A Dive into Endeavour’s Sustainable Digital Dyeing Technology with Dr. Thomas Blythe

On April 8th, Alchemie Technology launched its groundbreaking clean-tech solution for textile dyeing, designed to help brands achieve their ESG targets while reducing costs and boosting profits. Dr. Thomas Blythe, Technical Director at Alchemie, highlighted the transformative potential of the Endeavour low-carbon digital dyeing system during its launch in Taipei, Taiwan.

tom's openOn April 8th, Alchemie Technology successfully launched its long-awaited clean-tech solution in textile dyeing. With this launch, Alchemie offers technology for brands and their supply chain to achieve their ESG targets and reduce costs while boosting profits. At the same time, it challenges conventional practices with its advanced sustainable digital textile dyeing solutions.

Dr. Thomas Blythe Technical Director at Alchemie Technology shared his perspectives about the Endeavour low carbon digital textile dyeing production launch, in Taipei, Taiwan. He shared, 

“The launch of the Endeavour™ system signifies that we now have the right technology at the right time, and that the market is ready to adopt this breakthrough technology. Sustainability has transitioned from a “nice-to-have” concept to a critical imperative for major brands and retailers worldwide.”

“In 2019, I visited Shanghai Interdye and, despite the magnitude of the event, sustainability was very much viewed as a nice to have. Fast forward 5 years, and now every stand at every event, whether large or small, will make at least some reference to sustainability. The UN’s drive to net zero by 2050 means that sustainability is becoming part of the fabric, no pun intended, of major brands and retailers worldwide, and, rightly, sustainability is now being viewed as a must-have,” Thomas added.

Delving into what sets Alchemie apart in dye application, Thomas explained that Alchemie’s technologies showcase their proprietary digital liquid application system with Jetronica nozzles, developed over the last 10 years.  The Jetronica nozzles are specifically designed to jet 10-micron diameter droplets of dye at high velocity towards the fabric surface.

Continuing to explain about the technology, he went, “This unique approach delivers unparalleled penetration of dye into the fabric, leveraging droplet size and velocity to achieve exceptional results that cannot be replicated by inkjet or spray methods." Thomas detailed that Alchemie’s distinctive digital method of dye application simply cannot be replicated by inkjet, which generates droplets that lack momentum. Therefore, Alchemie’s approach is perfectly tailored to fulfil the demands of both textile dyeing, facilitated by Endeavour™, and textile finishing, facilitated by Novara.

When asked how Alchemie achieves exceptional colour consistency in its processes, Thomas explained “Alchemie’s Endeavour™ features 2,880 individually addressable Jetronica nozzles that ensure precise dye application tailored to specific colour requirements. With a width of 1.8 m, it delivers 270 million 10 micron droplets of dye per second, equivalent to 1.2 billion digitally defined droplets of dye per linear meter of fabric.” The system therefore allows Alchemie to control not only where the dye is applied, but also the amount of dye applied to the fabric. This is used to ensure that the technology applies only the dye necessary to meet the requirements of the colour, and never applies the dye in excess, eliminating the need for traditional post-dyeing washing and reduction clearing processes.


Discussing sustainability advantages, Thomas highlighted how the Endeavour™ digital dyeing process drastically reduces energy, water, and chemistry consumption compared to traditional jet exhaust methods. " Endeavour™ can reduce energy requirements by up to 85%, water usage by up to 95%, and chemistry consumption by up to 30%, positioning it at the forefront of the textile industry's sustainability drive," he elaborated.

Comparing Alchemie’s Endeavour™ digital dyeing process to traditional methods like jet exhaust dyeing unveils significant sustainability advantages. For example, a traditional jet exhaust polyester dyeing process uses large volumes of hot water, at temperatures of up to 135°C, for both dyeing and washing, requiring a large amount of energy, often generated by burning fossil fuels to create steam.

“On top of the sustainability and performance benefits, Endeavour™ also delivers significant productivity benefits, with a single Endeavour™ system replacing three to five traditional jet exhaust systems”.

Looking ahead, Thomas shared his excitement about Alchemie's plans, including expansion into polyester knits, cotton wovens, and knits globally over the next 12 months. This strategic vision underscores Alchemie's commitment to transforming the textile industry with sustainable innovations.

“We do really believe that Endeavour is at the forefront of digital textile innovation and would welcome you all to join us on this journey towards sustainability,” Thomas concluded.
>>To learn more about Alchemie’s Endeavour™ launch, please visit here<<

Dr Thomas Blythe is Technical Director at Alchemie Technology. In this role since summer 2022, he leads the technology team which works to provide innovative and sustainable solutions to address the needs of the textile industry.By training, Dr. Blythe is a chemical engineer, graduating with a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Sheffield in 2012. He later joined the University of Cambridge and completed a doctorate in Chemical Engineering in 2017, before beginning a postdoctoral researcher position.Dr. Blythe has a wealth of experience in rheology, experimentation, data science, and process development, working on projects with both academic and industrial partners that have resulted in numerous journal publications and conference presentations. He is named inventor on four patents, with nearly 6 years’ experience with Alchemie’s core technology, having joined in 2018.

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