Alchemie Technology Unveils Discovery Lab System for Assessment of Clean-Tech Production Digital Dyeing Technology

Alchemie Technology, a leading innovator in clean-tech digital dyeing solutions, has announced the launch of its Discovery lab system, designed to give industry professionals a hands-on understanding of Alchemie’s technology. This low-cost, compact system replicates the production environment of Alchemie’s Endeavour digital dyeing process that enables a step-change in the sustainability of textile dyeing.

Textile dyeing and finishing currently accounts for 3% of global CO2 emissions and is predicted to increase to 10% by 2050. Textile dyeing and finishing is also the second-largest contributor to global industrial wastewater pollution, directly impacting millions of people. Alchemie’s Endeavour digital dyeing production process reduces the carbon footprint of dyeing by 85%, eliminating 95% of wastewater and decreasing the required amount of chemicals by 30%.

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Discovery is equipped with key features such as Alchemie’s state-of-the-art digital non-contact jet dye applicator with Jetronica nozzles. The system ensures hassle-free dye recipe-to-production, generating dye recipes and enabling fast colour-matching without traditional lab dip processes. With precise 10-micron droplet control of 20,000,000 drops onto A5-sized fabric swatches, Discovery delivers unparalleled accuracy and precision. The innovative Discovery lab system enables the creation of a colour recipe library, allowing for quick and safe development. Designers benefit from unique capabilities to create new effects, making it an invaluable tool as the textile industry responds to achieve its ESG targets.

Alan Hudd, CEO and Founder at Alchemie Technology said, "Our Discovery lab system represents a significant leap forward in our mission to revolutionise the textile industry, providing customers with a high level of confidence to move to a clean-tech dyeing process. It not only provides a hands-on understanding of our Endeavour digital dyeing technology but also offers unprecedented efficiency in the research process, saving time and resources."

In conjunction with the Discovery launch, Alchemie Technology is also introducing the exclusive Pioneer Club, a limited opportunity for early adopters to assess the technology ahead of the curve. Limited to the first 25 special edition Discovery systems, Pioneer Club members will gain invaluable insights into Alchemie’s innovative production digital dyeing technology and enjoy benefits such as free on-site installation, priority access to upgrades, and an exclusive invitation to a Pioneer Workshop in Cambridge or Taiwan. Additionally, members will receive a free early production trial to validate the experience of using Discovery and priority invitations to Endeavour’s global production launch in April in Taiwan.

Hudd added:

"Our Pioneer Club is a testament to our commitment to fostering collaboration and innovation in the textile industry. This exclusive offer is strictly limited to 25 Discovery systems, making it a rare opportunity for those seeking to be at the forefront of digital dyeing innovation. We invite pioneers to join us on this transformative journey."

Learn more about Pioneer Club and our Discovery lab system

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