Alchemie Stands Behind the New York Fashion Act: Paving the Way for a Sustainable Future in Fashion

Did you know that apparel and footwear production is responsible for an estimated 4%-8.6% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and “fast fashion” is largely to blame? In addition to contributing to climate pollution, the $2.5 trillion industry contaminates water, uses toxic chemicals, contributes to deforestation, creates staggering amounts of waste, and doesn't provide safe and fair environments for workers.

New York Fashion Act

These rapid production cycles and manufacturing practices have sparked environmental concerns, ethical dilemmas, and the urgent need for change. Alchemie, a pioneer in sustainable digital textile dyeing and finishing technology, proudly stands in support of the New York Fashion Act (NYFA), recognizing it as a critical stride towards a sustainable future for the fashion world.

What is the New York Fashion Act?

The Fashion Sustainability and Social Accountability Act (Fashion Act) would create, for the first time, legally binding environmental and labour standards for the industry.

  • Apparel and footwear retailers with global revenue of at least $100 million would be required to map their supply chains from raw materials to production.
  • After disclosing their supply chains, companies would then be required to address their impacts.
  • The Mandatory Due Diligence Framework would require companies to identify, prevent, mitigate, account for, and remediate adverse impacts to human rights and the environment in their operations and supply chain.
  • If a company fails to meet their targets, they face a fine of up to 2% of their annual revenues

Learn more about the NYFA here:

Alchemie stands with the New York Fashion Act coalition

Alchemie, known for its commitment to sustainable innovation, stands firmly behind the NYFA for various compelling reasons:

  • Shared Commitment to Sustainability: Alchemie believes in aligning the industry on common objectives to drive sustainable practices. The NYFA offers a unified framework that compels fashion entities to prioritize sustainability, irrespective of their size or market influence.
  • Advancing Transparency and Accountability: By necessitating the public disclosure of sustainability data, the NYFA fosters transparency and accountability. This empowers consumers to make informed choices and encourages companies to take responsibility for their environmental impact.
  • Catalyzing Innovation: Ambitious goals outlined by the NYFA, such as substantial reductions in water usage, greenhouse gas emissions, and waste generation, serve as catalysts for innovation. Alchemie sees these goals as a driving force to inspire inventive solutions and push the boundaries of sustainable fashion practices.
  • Investment in Research and Development: The creation of a $50 million annual fund for research and development in sustainable fashion resonates deeply with Alchemie's core values. This investment signifies a crucial step towards accelerating innovation and fostering groundbreaking solutions within the industry.
  • Worker Empowerment: Alchemie recognizes the importance of worker-led audits proposed by the NYFA. This feature allows employees to evaluate sustainability performances within their companies, amplifying their voices and ensuring that their well-being and sustainability becomes a collective priority.

This legislation would act as a catalyst for change, reinforcing the urgent need for accountability in the fashion industry. As a first-of-its-kind law, The Fashion Act would truly make New York both a leader and a trendsetter in the world of sustainable fashion. And hopefully the world will catch on!

Alchemie envisions a future where sustainability isn't an option but a fundamental ethos embedded in every aspect of the fashion industry. The NYFA represents a pivotal milestone towards achieving this vision, promising benefits beyond sustainability objectives. These include cost efficiencies, strengthened consumer loyalty, enhanced brand reputation, and a transformative shift towards an ethical and responsible industry.

Act on Fashion

Want to make a difference? Back the Fashion Act!
  • Become a Supporter of the Fashion Act by adding your name—an action that speaks volumes. By signing up, you'll champion the Fashion Act: Take action here
  • Spread the Word on Social Media - your voice carries weight within your community to help gather momentum towards passing the Fashion Act.
  • Join the Climate Action Party on Monday, December 18th at 7pm EST for an impactful event: Join here
  • Connect with Alchemie on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram for more campaign updates.

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