Alchemie is pleased to announce that, in response to customer demand, it has launched contract textile coating services for HeiQ’s Viroblock chemistry*. HeiQ Viroblock is among the first textile technologies in the world to be proven effective against SARS-CoV-2 in the laboratory and has been proven >99.99% effective at inactivating the virus, which causes COVID-19.

The HeiQ Viroblock coating can be applied to virtually all fabrics and delivers anti-pathogen properties, which reduces the risk of virus and bacterial transfer via textiles. These coatings are particularly suitable for enabling safer facemask and medical products.

Alchemie’s contract coating service utilises its breakthrough Novara digital precision coating technology which delivers significant benefits. The Novara technology delivers hygienic non-contact coatings and enables economic short runs less than 100 meters. It is a low-energy, low water solution, which also reduces the environmental impact of applying the HeiQ Viroblock coatings vs traditional textile coating technologies.

Alchemie Technology has partnered with HeiQ to deliver a world-class solution to the urgent need for textiles that can help to address the global COVID-19 pandemic: “HeiQ is very excited to be supplying Viroblock to Alchemie. HeiQ recognises that their Novara technology allows HeiQ Viroblock to be applied via a low water and energy system, and it is great to see two forward thinking innovative ideas working together to deliver,” said Paul Middleton, HeiQ Technical Director Brandforce.

The HeiQ Viroblock coating has been demonstrated to be effective using Alchemie’s Novara technology as the application method. The outcome of the testing was exceptional, with very good anti-pathogen activity beyond fifteen washes {data available upon request}.

*Compliant chemistry: EU REACH and US FIFRA compliant, OEKOTEX® certified. Data provided by HeiQ:

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