Alchemie Technology Invites Industry Leaders to Witness Breakthrough In-Market Digital Textile Dyeing Process

Alchemie Technology, a pioneer in digital textile dyeing solutions, is pleased to extend an invitation to brands, dyehouses, and industry partners to attend the launch of the first in-market demonstration of Alchemie’s digital textile dyeing process, Endeavour at production and demonstration facility in Nantou, Taiwan, from April 10th to April 12th, 2024.

Attendees will have the exclusive opportunity to witness the first-ever in-market demonstration of Endeavour digital dyeing solutions in Taiwan, focusing on polyester woven fabrics. Alchemie Endeavour stands as a pioneering digital dyeing technology, empowering fashion apparel brands and dyehouses to significantly reduce their carbon and chemical footprint while achieving substantial operational cost reductions of up to 50%. This innovative solution reduces energy and CO2 emissions by up to 85%, enables a chemistry saving of up to 30%, and reduces water usage by up to 95%, eliminating wastewater pollution in the dyeing process when compared with traditional methods. 

In addition, guests will witness a demonstration of Alchemie's newly launched breakthrough Discovery lab system. Discovery is a low-cost research tool designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of Alchemie’s digital dyeing technology, that replicates the production of Endeavour and eliminates the need for traditional lab dip processes.  

Moreover, Alchemie will unveil its plans for 2024, showcasing diverse applications and fabrics that push the boundaries of innovation. 

Global Endeavour Production Launch invite

Dr Alan Hudd, Founder and CEO at Alchemie, said,

“After a decade of inexorable technical challenges, it is extremely satisfying to be proudly facing production reality with the exciting prospect of Alchemie’s technology achieving commercial fruition.  We have such a powerful and overwhelming proposition that can truly change our world for the better. There remains a lot of hard work and much to do but we are uniquely entering what may be described as a “perfect storm”. The planet needs urgent stabilisation to climate change. Alchemie’s clean-tech technology presents the opportunity to bring about the change with brands and Governments realising the importance and acting to play their part in achieving ESG targets.”

In addition to the main event, Alchemie is organising a separate gathering for representatives of the Taiwanese government and the press on April 8th in Taipei.

RSVP now to secure your spot at Alchemie's demonstration in Nantou, Taiwan:

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