Mastering the Maze of Navigating Combined Materials Recycling Challenges With ITMA

Dr Alan Hudd is joining ITMA to discuss about Navigating Combined Materials Recycling Challenges on the upcoming webinar, scheduled for Thursday 4th April 2024.

The modern waste management faces inevitable challenges in detecting and recycling combined materials. These materials are frequently made up of various materials which creates another issue for the recycling process. 

Acknowledging the tip of the iceberg, Dr Alan Hudd, the Founder and CEO of Alchemie Technology Ltd joins ITMA in the upcoming webinar titled, Navigating the Complexities of Combined Materials Recycling. 

Mastering the Maze of Navigating Combined Materials Recycling Challenges With ITMA

Listen to Dr Alan Hudd speak at 'Navigating the complexities of combined materials recycling' moderated by Ms Karla Magruder, Founder and President of Accelerating Circularity

When: Thursday, 4 April 2024
Time: 10 am - 10.45 am CEST


  • Dr Alan Hudd, CEO & Founder, Alchemie Technology
  • Ms Annabelle Georgina Hutter, Managing Director of Saentis Textiles Pte Ltd
  • Mr Jean-François Gryspeert, Sales & Business Developer of Valvan NV
  • Mr Toby Moss, Business Development Director of Worn Again Technologies (EuRIC Partner)

Organised by ITMA, the world's largest international textile and garment technology exhibition, the webinar presents as part of a series which features five webinars exclusively for ITMAconnect users. The discussion will highlight:

  • How policies affect blended materials in the recycling process
  • The biggest challenges for combined materials recycling and the impact on the environment and the industry
  • The best way to recycle combined materials
  • and many more.

Exciting discussion awaits and you are more than welcome to join us!

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