High throughput digital powder patterning

3D Digital patterning
Delivers digitally-defined powder patterns with sub-millimetre resolution
Integrated curing
Integrates powder application with infra-red curing to enable one-step application
Multi-material deposition
Enables multiple powders to be deposited simultaneously
Low waste
Applies powder precisely with minimal waste

Texture printing

Apply patterned 3D surface textures using thermally fusable powders.

Deposit structures up to 10 mm in height.

Build multi-component, layered structures all under full digital control.

2D digital pattern changeover

Digital data is used to define powder patterns, enabling on-the-fly digital changeovers.

Infinite repeat patterning that is not limited by moulds or rollers.

Fabric printing

Deliver surface textures and impact resistant coatings to flexible fabric substrates.

Create new surface structures and textures to deliver unique product forms.

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